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Article provided ServiceNow Development Training Practice Assignment Task of Service Request or Catalog Item. Article task helps you to hands on or practice on catalog item. Task are based on practical exposure.

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Let’s have a brief on service request catalog in ServiceNow. Service request catalog contains a list of all IT service request to which the use is entitled or we can that service catalog is the list of services that are offered by IT organization to its customer. These services can be business services, technical services or personal services.

ServiceNow Development Training - Service Catalog Development :

As we know that lots of companies ask for ServiceNow catalog development skill. So, if you are learning ServiceNow development and want to do hands on then you can refer below requirement. It will help to enhance your skills that how to build service catalog in ServiceNow .  

If you want to learn basics of servicenow catalog development. You can refer below link for the same.
Click for ServiceNow Catalog Development Video Tutorial

In this article I am only sharing the requirement to do practice on service catalog. Which includes form creation and workflow designing of service catalog item. I hope this will help you to do hands on. 

Practice in ServiceNow makes you ServiceNow Professional.

You can share me the screenshot of your work completion such as forms etc on my email id:

Please find below requirement for the same.

S. No
Requirement (User Stories)

Service Catalog
Develop or design service catalog item form, which contain below field:
1. Field Name: Requester, Field type: Reference
2. Field Name: Hardware Requirement, Field Type: Radio Button)
  Options are as mentioned below:
  •   Laptop
  •   Desktop
  •   Mouse
  •   Keyboard

3. Field Name: Manager, Field type: Text Box (Read only field)
4. Field Name: Description, Field type: Text Box

Service Catalog
In the above requirement (S. No 1) when user selects Laptop then below field will display to him which should be mandatory:
Field name: RAM, Field Type: Dropdown
  • 250GB
  • 500GB
  • 1TB

Service Catalog
In the above requirement (S. No 1) when user selects Desktop then below field will display to him which should be mandatory:
Field name: Screen Size, Field Type: Dropdown
  • 14””
  • 15.6””
  • 17””
  • 19””

Service Catalog
In the above requirement (S. No 1) Manager field should be read only and should automatically populated with requester manager name. Means when you select the requester then manager name of that requester needs to be populated in that field.

Service Catalog
Now the form is created above right. The most important is service catalog transition flow or workflow. In this requirement you have to design the workflow for the created service catalog item:

Workflow Transition should be, after user submits the form or user requested for the above service catalog item, then workflow transition should be:

1. Should move for approval to the requester manager mentioned in form.
  • If approved by manager then one task has been attached for fulfillment and it should be assigned to any assignment group.
  • If rejected by manager then item or request is closed rejected.

2. When the task is assigned to assignment group as mentioned above. Then, If the task is closed complete then requested item status should be displayed as completed and if the task is closed cancelled then requested item status should be displayed as closed cancelled.

In both the cases above either cancelled or completed email notification to requester should be triggered stating about the exact status.

Above mentioned requirement completion times will be 4 days. If you need more information on requirement mentioned above or any clarification then you can comment below.

I hope this servicenow development training practice assingment helped you to do hands on servicenow instance. You can find more assignment task in this servicenow tutorial website. If this article is helpful then please do share it with others. Thankyou !!! Good Luck.


  1. Hi,

    Thank You for providing us assignments to have hands on experience on the tool.

    Waiting to have more assignments like this.

  2. Hello,

    I have watched most of your videos and learned so much in servicenow, thank you very much for all your videos in youtube.

    Can you please explain me what is cascade variables in order guide with an example and share the video?

    Also coming to CMDB Discovery you have mentioned video part#1 of 3.. but I was not able to find Part 2 & 3 videos could please share the link?

    Rajasekhar Kolli

  3. can you give assignments related to client scripts?


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