ServiceNow Integration Using Rest API | Servicenow Rest Integration

Article Briefs that how to do ServiceNow Rest Integration or Service Integration using rest API. Theoretical and Practical Demonstration of ServiceNow Rest Integration has been given in this ServiceNow Tutorial. Video Demonstration of ServiceNow Rest Integration has been given at the bottom of this article.

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ServiceNow Integration Using Rest API | ServiceNow Rest Integration:

ServiceNow Tool provides a variety of methods to integrate with other applications such as Jira, Event monitoring tool, LDAP etc. Most notably from Web Services (Soap, Rest API), JDBC, LDAP, Excel, CSV, Data export, CTI, Email etc. 
In this tutorial we talk about Web Service Integration (ServiceNow Integration using Rest API) which involves a request and response. In this tutorial you will get a brief on integration, rest, benefits of rest, methods of rest and a video demonstration that how to do servicenow rest integration

What is Integration?

Integration means that two or more applications can exchange information or communicate with each other. It is advisable that when integration between two applications has to done then it should be done by using the best available method and should be designed well from the beginning. 
As we know that technologies changes and product get upgraded. Some most common application integration done with ServiceNow Tool are:<
  • ServiceNow integration with Jira
  • ServiceNow integration with Solorwinds
  • ServiceNow integration with Azure
  • ServiceNow LDAP Integration
  • ServiceNow integration with moogsoft
  • ServcieNow integration with monitoring tools

There are lot of other applications too, from which servicenow can integrate. Now a days, I am listening that people are talking about servicenow integration with Whatsapp. 

So when we talk about integration in ServiceNow through web service then Rest API and SOAP comes into picture and believe me it is very hard to finalize which has to be used. In this servicenow tutorial we only focus on ServiceNow Rest Integration or ServiceNow Integration using Rest API.

What is Rest API?

REST is an acronym of Representational State Transfer. It is the software architecture for distributed systems that governs the entire World Wide Web and was first presented by Roy Fielding in 2000.
Using REST means that application integrations follow Internet standards for HTTP and more generally the concepts of web client and web server. 
Rest API is basically a web service which is based on Rest Technology often used in web services development. There are six guiding principles of rest api - 

  • Client Server
  • Stateless
  • Cacheable
  • Uniform Interface
  • Layered System
  • Code on Demand (optional)

What is API ( Application Program Interface)?

An API (Application Program Interface) is a way for you to get information needed in a consistent format.For e.g some of applications allows you to login through gmail accounts, right. Because those applications basically using google api for the same. Another example is weather applications, those applications are also using some api to get information from the satellites. 

So, here api is actually a middle man between the two applications. You asked some thing from your application API pass that information to another application and provide you the response. I believe this give you some brief on API, right.

What is the benefits of using Rest API?

REST API becomes more concrete with emerging best practices. Below mentioned are some of benefits of using rest api:

  • Rest API is light weight (used to make less data transfers between client and server),easy to use and faster than SOAP
  • It's Transfer the data using HTTP and JSON but it accepts the responses of different data formats such as JSON, XML, HTML, or even plain text.

Methods used in Rest API?

When two application communicate with each other than it can be single directional communication or bi-directional data exchanging communication. 
Here communication means send information, read information, create information, update or delete information. Rest API is an application program interface that uses below methods to perform above mentioned operations such as create, update, read and delete:

  • Post (used to create information)
  • Get (used to read information or resource)
  • Put (used to update the information or resource)
  • Delete (use to delete the information or resource)

Any information that can be named, termed as Resource

ServiceNow Integration Using Rest API example:

To understand that how you can perform servicenow integration using rest api you can refer below video. Below video will provide you required overview to understand the concepts. 

I hope above ServiceNow Rest Integration tutorial helps you to understand the ServiceNow integration concepts and the video provides you understanding that how to do ServiceNow Integration using rest api. If you are interested to explore ServiceNow LDAP integration then you can find it in this ServiceNow Tutorial website.


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