Complete Tutorial of ServiceNow Workflow with Examples

Article provide complete overview of ServiceNow Workflow i.e. what is workflow in servicenow, how to create workflow and the interview question which is asked by interviewer on workflows. Practical demonstration of creating a workflow on servicenow instance has been given through the workflow servicenow video attached.

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What is ServiceNow Workflow?

I believe we all have heard about processes in ServiceNow applications such as incident management, problem management, knowledge management, agile development, portfolio management etc. 

But how all these processes get implemented or automated into ServiceNow applications.

So, here comes workflow servicenow into picture and answer is a Workflow. So, the Workflow is the sequence of activities which is used to automate the processes in applications.

For example:  We all know about SLA attached to incident record. So, when we work on incident then SLA status gets automatically changed on specific interval of time along with other SLA values. From this example, I want to say that a specific SLA is created and attached for SLA end to end cycle. 

In below video it is practically demonstrate that how to create SLA and how to apply SLA.

example: Same as for approval attached in change incident, service request etc. A specific workflow related to approver and approval activities, a specific SLA is running.

There are lots of example. Which say when we have to automate the process or wants that each step runs automatically other then of manual intervention, then we create SLA for the same.

So, now the questions come that how to create workflow in servicenow.

How to Create Workflow in ServiceNow?

There are lots of activities which performed different-different tasks. Example of task like send emails, set values, timer, approval, run script, end activity, begin activity, If, notifications, approval action and there are lot more other activities too.

These required activities blocks are connected by lines to follow execution paths or to automate the applications processes. Below image of workflow editor interface will provide you some brief on this:

servicenow workflow,workflow in servicenow,create servicenow workflow

The Workflow servicenow starts with Begin Activity block and ends with End activity block and other activities are comes in between begin and end activities as displayed in above image. 

Below Video Will Help you to Understand the ServiceNow Workflow:

ServiceNow Workflow Interview Questions:

Below are the some question which is asked by interviewer at the time of interview on workflow in servicenow:

Question: What is Turnstile?
Answer: Under Utitlities, turnstile activity is available. It is a workflow activity which limit times of a workflow can pass through the same point. Actually, It prevents the infinite loops. For e.g. we can provide allowed iterations count while using this acitivity.

Question: How to cancel the workflow which is running?
Answer: var workflow = new Workflow();

Question: What is parallel flow launcher activity in workflow or in other word it can be asked like how to trigger multiple other workflows?
Answer: The answer is Parallel Flow Launcher activity. This activity can launch multiple subflows in parallel.  All workflow executed simultaneously in parallel.

Question: Why “.setWorkflow()” is used ?
Answer: t is used to enable or disable the business rule to run. Let’s say if in code gr.setWorkflow(false) is written, then it will disable the running business rules.

I will add more interview question time to time in this servicenow workflow tutorial. 

If you have faced some questions on workflow, then please do share below in comment box


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I hope above article provides you required such as what is servicenow workflow and how to create workflow in servicenow. if you are looking for ServiceNow  tutorials on some others topics then you can explore this website for the same. Thank you!!! Good Luck. 

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