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Article brief List of all ServiceNow version released till date, ServiceNow latest version upcoming or ServiceNow releases and also provides overview that how to upgrade and request for new version in ServiceNow.

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In this ServiceNow tutorial we are going to discuss about ServiceNow release versions and about related activities. Below are the topics which is covered in this article:
  • List of ServiceNow Releases and Upcoming ServiceNow Versions.
  • How to upgrade your ServiceNow release version and what things has to taken care while doing ServiceNow release version upgrade.
  • How to check your current ServiceNow instance

So, before we talk about ServiceNow release versions, let’s first see what is ServiceNow

About ServiceNow

This is a Product of ServiceNow Inc, which is an American cloud-based IT management company, it was founded in 2004 by Fred Ludy and its headquarters is in Santa Clara, California.

ServiceNow is cloud based It management tool, which is used to automate business process and provides best service to customers and encourages best practices in managing all services as a business. 

ServiceNow was first introduced as ITSM tool used for various IT activities such as asset management, incident management, change management, problem management, Knowledge management, CMDB etc. 

But, now ServiceNow becomes huge and serves lots of ITOM, ITBM applications like Project Portfolio management, Demand Management, Financial Management, Governance Risk and Compliance, HR, Agile Development etc. 

Best part is that ServiceNow is very easy to use and when we use ServiceNow tool in an organization, then there is no need to think about IT infrastructure, database, servers, data centers, database layer, security, clustering, load balancing etc. ServiceNow tool will take care of all these stuffs. Apart from this ServiceNow even provide great capabilities to develop custom applications.

ServiceNow Latest Release/Version:

ServiceNow platform has a long history of ServiceNow version upgrades. ServiceNow release new version each year which means new features has been introduced for users, for current modules and applications. Which will improve overall existing performances. 

ServiceNow releases at least one or more than one  (Q1 and Q3) new ServiceNow versions each year with some new applications and some more functionalities along with some updated applications. All the ServiceNow releases names are based on cities name as mentioned below. 

Below is the up-to-date list of Current Versions and Latest and upcoming ServiceNow release or versions.

  • Aspen (2011)
  • Berlin (2012)
  • Calgary (2013)
  • Dublin (2013)
  • Eureka (2014)
  • Fuji (2015)
  • Geneva (2015)
  • Helsinki (2016)
  • Istanbul (2017)
  • Jakarta (2017)
  • Kingston (2018)
  • London (2018)
  • Madrid (2019)
  • New York (2019 )
  • Orlando (2020)
  • Paris (Quarter 3 - 2020)
  • Quebec (Quarter 1-2021)
  • Rome (Quarter 3 -2021)
  • San Diego (Quarter 2 -2022)
  • Tokyo (Quarter 3 - 2022)
  • Utah (Quarter 2 - 2023)
  • Vancouver (Quarter 4 - 2023) (Currently available release)
  • Washington(Quarter 1 - 2024)
  • Xanadu (Quarter 4 - 2024)
  • Yokohama (Quarter 2 -2025)
  • Zurich (Quarter 4- 2025)

How to Upgrade ServiceNow Version?

Upgrading ServiceNow version is done in simple steps, but it is a very responsible job to perform because there are lots of other thing which has to be taken care before upgrade. 

When we think to upgrade ServiceNow release older version to newer ServiceNow release version, then there are some questions which always bothered that what will happen to the existing functionality, Groups, Users, Customization, Existing Data or Records etc. So, it is a very responsible job to upgrade ServiceNow release versions.

Each new version of ServiceNow comes with a range of new and improved features, including enhancements to existing functionality, new modules and applications, and performance improvements. Some of the key features of ServiceNow include incident management, problem management, change management, asset management, service catalog, knowledge management, and IT cost management.

So, there are some suggestions which has been provided by ServiceNow before upgrading the ServiceNow release version, for detail you can navigate to ServiceNow docs
As per me, it is basically a to-do list to ensure a safe and effective upgrade. So, when we plan to upgrade ServiceNow release version then we should do below:

  • Read the release notes carefully which is provided by ServiceNow for every release. 
  • Basically, release notes provide information that what all fixes has been provided by the ServiceNow in upgraded version and Release notes tell about the new functionalities introduced in new upgrade etc.
  • Do preparation for testing activities such as test plan, test cases etc. Which has to be executed once the upgrade has been done.
  • Most important thing is never upgrade Production instance directly. First upgrade the lower instances. Lower instances are Sandbox, Test, Dev. First clone the lower instance with the production instance and then ask for the upgrade on the selected lower instance.

We can perform ServiceNow release version upgrade one by one on each and every instance. The best way is to start from lower ServiceNow instance. Start from Test Instance -- then Dev. Instance and then at last upgrade the production instance.

And make sure that after each and every instance upgrade perform smoke testing to ensure that after upgrading the ServiceNow release version functionalities are working fine on not. 

How we can request for ServiceNow version upgrade?

Below are the steps to upgrade ServiceNow release version:
  • Logged in to ServiceNow HI support portal.
  • Click the "Manage Upgrades" box
  • Select the instance Sandbox/QA/Dev /Production to upgrade and click schedule.
  • Inform development team about the instance upgradation request and to stop working until the upgrade process is completed
  • ServiceNow team will raise a change request and let us know once the upgrade is completed.
  • Once the ServiceNow version upgrade has been done. Inform stakeholder for the same.

How to check the current ServiceNow Version of your ServiceNow instance?

To check current ServiceNow releases or version, please follow below steps:
Your domain is basically yours ServiceNow domain address. For e.g. remove section and instead of that section write

I hope above information regarding ServiceNow versions, ServiceNow version upgrade is helpful. You can also find more servicenow tutorial and servicenow tutorial videos in this website. Thank you Good Luck.


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