Mostly Asked ServiceNow Interview Questions (2-6) Years Exp.

Article provides mostly asked servicenow interview questions. which will help you to prepare for the servicenow interview. List of 45 interview questions which will be asked from 2-6 years experience servicenow professional is mentioned in this article.

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In this article ServiceNow Software Engineer Interview Questions or we can say ServiceNow Interview questions of (2-6) years of experience has been shared. As we know that there are lots of jobs in ServiceNow. If we have some experience in ServiceNow and once we have uploaded our resume in job portal sites then we received multiple calls for interview as ServiceNow is one of the hot profile. ServiceNow interview questions will help to crack the interview.There are lots of opportunities in ServiceNow development, ServiceNow administration and ServiceNow processes.

Some people started their career in ServiceNow Tool and some moved to ServiceNow or changed their profile to ServiceNow.  

But when we work in company then it is not possible for everyone to work on multiple applications. For e.g. not everyone gets a chance to work on Integrations, CMDB or any other application. Let say some are working on ITMS applications, some are working on ITBM such as project portfolio management, some are working on ITOM applications such as Discovery, mid server etc and some are only creating Service Catalog.

But working in a company and giving interview is totally different because interviewer has the flexibility to ask question anywhere from the ServiceNow platform. So, if someone is looking for changing the company or profile, he has to prepare almost all the topics or at least he must be having a overview all almost all topics.

I am sharing my experience, few years back I was giving an interview for ServiceNow development profile. I was giving almost all the answers asked by interviewer but I don’t know what happen, the interviewer start asking me questions such ServiceNow licenses etc. That was not related to development. After the interview I realized that I should be aware to such topic too, at least overview of topics.

I know that no one is asking for my suggestions, but I will suggest that you should do some hands on before giving ServiceNow interview because it will clear your doubt and give you confidence to face any questions.

So below is the list of ServiceNow interview questions only. I have posted tutorials video for the same where you will find almost all the answers of questions mentioned below. See those videos if you need basic understanding on concepts and do some assignment by your own to get better understanding.

Let me know in below comments, if you need some assignment to work upon. I will provide you some requirements to do hands on.

Below is the list of ServiceNow Interview Questions:

  • Types of business rules and Client script?                                                     
  • How can we know which version you are using?
  • Difference between Synchronous, asynchronous Glide ajax?
  • What is the use of display business rule?
  • How to define fields of incident table from business rules?
  • Tell me Business Rule predefined Parameters?
  • Difference between after business rule and asynchronous business rule?
  • Difference between catalog items and order guide?
  • Which one will execute first Client Script or UI policies?
  • Give any practical example of Workflow you have implemented in your organization?
  • How many ways we can trigger the notifications?
  • What is the Syntax to call to email notifications in business rules?
  • How to get current date and time in client script?
  • How to hide a field by using client script?
  • How many types of ACL's and What are the roles required to Create ACL?
  • Tell me about Glide record and glide secure API’s?
  • What is the use of the inherit checkbox in service catalog?
  • What are the multiple ways to keep data unique in import set other than coalesce?
  • What are the types of transfer map scripts, what is foreign insert?
  • What are the types of rest method and soap method?
  • What is SLA retroactive start and Where you can define SLA?
  • Set an SLA which should exclude 2nd & 4th Saturday & Sunday & the public holidays as well.
  • What is Update Set, what all activities are recorded in update set and " Are user creation & group creation recorded in Update set "?
  • List down the activities which are recorded in update set
  • What is the database view?
  • What will happen when we check on global check box in client script?
  • How can we enable the role?
  • Tell me onChange () client script predefined parameters?
  • Is it possible to move the non-staging table data into target table?
  • How to pass the dynamic values in Rest Web Service?
  • In integration how to move 100 incident records from third party to service now.
  • How to attach files like PDF and all in email notifications?
  • How to add CC or BCC in email notification
  • What is setWorkflow(true) and setWorkflow(false)?
  • What is client-side API and server-side API in Service now?
  • What is the record producer and how can we start the script in record producer?
  • What is the use of record producers and where and how to write code for the same?
  • Where you are using alerts?
  • What is the data dictionary?
  • What is coalesce explain with example?
  • What is a View and how we can create it?
  • What is Dictionary override?
  • Agile methodology you used while in service now development?
  • How the work or task assigned to you daily?
  • How the day start with?

**If you have some questions other than of this, which has been asked to you please do post us, so that it would help others too 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

If you need company specific interview questions, please do comments below or email us your email ID and experience. If we have same in our repository we  will post you the same.

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2. The Complete ServiceNow Developer Course (ServiceNow Developer Training)

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3. ServiceNow ITSM Processes Training

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4. JavaScript For Beginners - Learn JavaScript From Scratch

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I hope above servicenow interview questions will help you prepare for servicenow interview and you will get servicenow development related servicenow tutorials in this website along with video tutorial available in our basico servicenow learning you tube channel. Thank you, Good Luck for your ServiceNow Interview !!!                                       


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  11. Please find the below recent interview questions of SN.

    1.What is difference between UI policy and data policy?
    2.What Is Domain Separation
    3.What Is The Significance Of Cascade Variable Check Box In Order Guide ?
    4.What Is The Difference Between Next() And _next() Method?

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  13. 1.Can we use order guide into Record producer?
    2.What do you mean by branch and join in workflow?
    3.Can we use workflow for multiple catalog items?
    4.Turnstile in workflow?
    5.what are the best practices of serviceNow?
    6.Is Ajax synchronous or Asynchronous?
    7. Difference b/w Query BR and Display BR?


  14. What is Transform map when u use it ?
    What , ACL what are ACL Levels , Business Rules ?
    What is MID server ?
    Whhat is FLow Designer ? 3 main Component of Flow designer ?

  15. What is transform map , why it is used ?
    what is flow designer ?
    What is integration Hub ?
    What are the 3 components of Flow designer ?

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  19. what is Major incident and how to configure and process ?
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