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Practice makes anyone perfect. To learn technical things, it is very much required to do hands on for better understanding of concepts, to find something new into it and to understand it in detail. In this article we are going to share ServiceNow real time scenarios which will help you to do hands on ServiceNow platform. The requirement or task which we have shared below are the real requirements which was received by developer to implement.

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Real time scenarios are nothing but the ServiceNow requirements to implement in the ServiceNow platform. ServiceNow has lots of ITSM, ITBM, ITOM, ITFM applications like incident management, change management, problem management, service catalog development, asset management, portfolio management, GRC, CMDB, integrations and lots of other application as well. So, the ServiceNow real time scenarios are based out from those applications.

Please make sure while implementing below requirement, that you should have basic understanding of applications such as incident management, change management, problem management, knowledge management.

ServiceNow Real Time Scenarios Examples:

Incident Management Real Time Scenarios:

Various ServiceNow requirements are mentioned below, if you need more understanding on these scenarios or requirement you can comment below or contact us for the same.

1a. Create Pending Appointment option in State field. 
1b. When incident ticket assignee selects Pending appointment option then date field should appear below the state field.
1c. Date/time field should not accept date/time less than today+5hours. 
1d. If assignee change the state to pending appointment and select the date in date field and save the incident ticket than a Calendar invite to be sent to requester when ticket is placed in "Pending-Appointment" state. 
1e. When the requester is not able to respond to the appointment as scheduled then Breached Email notification should be triggered.

2. Survey in Service Request Catalog/Incident Management- 
2a. When a user accepts/rejects the resolution of an incident or catalog item, he should be directly taken to the survey page. Create survey page with various ratings options such as Satisfied, Dissatisfied and Very Dissatisfied, which user can rate.
2b. Trigger an email notification to the predefined Distribution List (Assignment group members), if the User rates the Survey as "Dissatisfied/Very Dissatisfied"

3. In Incident Management, create an "Affected CI" lookup field where columns (CI ID, Class, Description) should be displayed
4. In Incident Management, notes should be mandatory when Urgency and Impact is modified.
5. Urgency field in Incident management form, should be editable after the ticket is submitted from both ESS and ITIL View until the ticket is moved to Resolved Status.

Change Management Real Time Scenarios

1. There should be an error message pop up displayed while saving the change ticket to requester when he is also the only approver of that ticket.   
2. In Change Management, the Planned Start Date and the Planned End Date. (Hint: If these two fields are not available in change form, then create the same)
3. In Change Management, "Planning" tab should be mandatory while creating the change ticket. 
4. In Change Management, Requester will be notified, when change is been raised during Moratorium period. (Hint: it means when user create change ticket at any specific period, then user or requester will be notified through any pop-up message or through email, for implementation you can consider any specific period for the same).

Problem Management Real Time Scenarios:

1. In Problem Management, based on the Category and Sub Category, the Problem Management Group should auto populate when requestor submit or create the ticket.
2. In Problem Management, In the list view of Problem tickets, the Change tickets related to a Problem ticket should be visible.
3. When a problem ticket is created from related list available in incident management, then the following fields will be auto-populated in problem record Category, Sub Category, Summary, Description, Priority. (Hint: If any of the field is not available in the incident form or problem form, then first create the same and then implement the requirement)

Knowledge Management Real Time Scenarios:

1. In Knowledge Management restrict the user to enter blank spaces as a feedback in KB feedback section. (Hint: if KB feedback section is not there, first creating the same)
2. Assignment Group should be populated on the basis of Category and Sub Category.
3. Knowledge article should get auto retired after 18 months from the reviewed date. (Hint: if reviewed date field is not there in knowledge article, then create it first and then implement the functionality)

ServiceNow Requirement for ServiceNow admin Perspective:

1. Create Groups in your ServiceNow personal instance:
  • ServiceDesk Group
  • Change Management Group
  • Problem Management group
2. Create Roles such as change_management role, service_desk role, problem_management role and assign these roles to above created group.
3. Create some users and add users to group accordingly along with above roles and ITIL role.
4. Create simple user and do not give them above and the ITIL role. (End User with no roles)
5. Create list collector variable referencing to a "sys_user" table and populate email id's of selected user in another multiline text box field using client script.

Once all the above scenarios have been developed, then let us know through email or you can comment below the same. We will share more ServiceNow real time scenarios with you based on other ServiceNow applications. Please let us know if you need more information on the task or requirement mentioned above or if you face any difficulties while implementing the same. We will try our best to help you out on the same. There are some other articles in this website where you can find lots of other ServiceNow requirements to implement.


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