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To get shortlisted for an interview in any company. The first and most important thing is Resume or CV. I am not resume expert, the only thing which I want to do here is, to help those who are looking to create good resumes either it is of developer profile, admin profile, testing profile or any other profile. I received lots of ServiceNow resume as an interviewer and also receives lots of email where freshers and experienced professionals are asking for ServiceNow resume samples or templates in word format. So, I thought why should I not share some resume formats with others from where they can download


 ServiceNow resume and can modify those ServiceNow cv's as per your skills and experience.

We all know the recruiters received hundreds of CV for any opening. So, it is very much required that  ServiceNow CV should be so good the recruiter select it in a single go.

The resume which I got from recruiter was the one which is already shortlisted by them for an interview. I am sharing my experience of seeing resume is, believe me, that when I look others resumes, it always gives me a motivation. Those (1, 2-4) page word files, pdf files tell that, people have lots of different skills, some have lots of technical skills and experience, some have good management skills and experience, some has experience in wide range of technologies. Some freshers belong to good colleges, some fresher have very good academic score, some freshers have done good projects in their industrial trainings. Resumes tells that there is wide scope to learn skills and to explore to stay updated in the IT profession.

Links to download ServiceNow resume is given below at the bottom of the article, you can directly navigate below and download the same.

To create good servicenow cv, there are various things which should be there is your resume either it is of any type or of any template. Let’s talk about it

Value of good ServiceNow Resume:

Resume is your first impression on recruiter or interviewer or employers. Resume or you Bio Data actually displays your skills, experience and qualities. It is most important tool of searching job and to get shortlisted for the interview.

When company has projects in queue or any existing project need resources than only company hire people right. So, companies do not have much time for hiring the good candidate or required candidate, so basis on the resume they decide to whom they have to interviewed for their project requirement and post that rejection and selection will be done. So good resume is must to get the opportunity to get selected for interview.

If the resume is good and impressive then it will get shortlisted in multiple companies, which means person will get multiple chance to get shortlisted and will get multiple opportunities. So, create you ServiceNow resume as good as you can to make your first impression strong.

What should be there in your resume to get it shortlisted?

Each and every resume sample or format should contain the below information, as:

  • Your name, email id and phone number (If possible then you can also mention LinkedIn Id).
  • Academic History
  • Professional Experience
  • Skills & Accomplishments

All the information should be crisp and clear. Now the thing is that how to display or in which format above information has be displayed in your resume. So, as I have already mentioned above that I am sharing various ServiceNow resume format. You can download the same and edit as per your requirement. If you think you need more format, then please do contact us. I will share more resume format with you.

Things to take care while creating ServiceNow CV:

Some of the things are mentioned below:

1. Number of pages should 2 to 3 if you are experienced. For fresher 1-2 two pages are sufficient.

2. Resume does not contain formatting like tables, column etc. because many firms use some recruitment software which do not display resumes correctly when the resume have lots of tables and columns.

3. Information should be displayed in chronological order (means latest first and then previous)

4. Please do not enter false information in the resume. Let's say skill, for example if someone mentioned Angular JS and he don’t have knowledge of the same. Then if interviewer ask a very basic question of it and the person did not answer it, then it gave very bad impression or very negative impact on interviewer either the same is required in current opening. Please enter the information which you think you can answer if asked.

4. Use relevant keywords in your resume text in several places. For example, you are looking for ServiceNow developer role, then ServiceNow and ServiceNow developer text should be there in some places in your resume.

5. Font type and font sizes:  Calibri, Times New Roman and Georgia is good font type and font size for text can be (10-12) but for heading, Name and Contact information you can use a bit bigger font size for e.g. (12-15)

Below is link to download ServiceNow Resume samples or Templates:

Note: you will be redirected to ours another website from you can directly download the format, if you want the same in your email Id, then please do send us email for the same mentioning experience, we will send the same but it will take some time, hope you understand.

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We hope all the information shared above related good ServiceNow cv creation will be helpful and Download ServiceNow resume samples help you to create ServiceNow resume. If you need any information on any of ServiceNow topic and concepts then feel free to contact us. Based on seekers inputs we come up with new topics and articles. All the very best for your future. If you feel this is helpful then please do share it will others too who are looking for the same.


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