How to Clear ServiceNow Cache Memory | Flush ServiceNow Cache Memory

In this blog you will get the information about the service cache flush. below the topics we have answered related to caches in ServiceNow.

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Table of Content

  • What is Cache Memory?
  • How to clear cache in ServiceNow?
  • Why to flush cache in ServiceNow?

What is Cache Memory?

A cache is a reserved storage location that collects the temporary data which helps websites, browsers, and apps load faster. When someone attempts to access any data then it first gets checked in the cache. Cache decreases data access times, reduces latency and improves performance of an application as many things like form layout are held in a cache for faster performance and it needs to be flushed periodically.


How to clear cache in ServiceNow?

Just type "" in left side filter navigator and press enter or you can append in your ServiceNow domain and click enter. 

or you can run:  gs.cacheFlush() in the Scripts - Background module

Please find the below video link for practical demonstration of the same.

Clear ServiceNow Cache Memory Practical Demonstration

Why to flush cache in ServiceNow?

Let’s say we made some changes in the UI, Service Portal widget HTML, CSS etc and those changes are not reflecting while testing or UI pages is taking too much time to get loads etc. We can flush the ServiceNow cache. As we all know that we also clear the cache of the browsers when we face such UI related problems right. We can too flush the cache of ServiceNow instance in such case.

But remember flushing the cache in ServiceNow production instance is not a good practice as it may affect user experience and performance. We believe above definition about cache has cleared your doubt related to performance and experience right. Means if temporary data is not available then system has to find the data from the required location so it may affect performance and user experience.

We hope the information related to why and how to flush cache memory in ServiceNow will be helpful for you. If you need more information related to ServiceNow cache or related to any other ServiceNow topic, you can comment below or you can write us email for the same.

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