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Article briefs about ServiceNow Testing, ServiceNow Testing Scope in terms of career, Prerequisites to become ServiceNow testing professional and ServiceNow Automated Test Framework.

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ServiceNow is one of the rapidly growing IT service management cloud based platform. There are lots of applications in ServiceNow platform. So where there is software development or customization then there testing automatically comes into picture because any deliverable either it is software or any other product, it should be good quality. So let's begin with software testing before have a look on ServiceNow Testing.

What is Software Testing?

Software testing is a process through which we evaluate the software application functionality. Basically, testing is performed in Software development phase, when new functionality is created in an application, when new module is introduced, any new feature is created etc.

It is basically a phase of SDLC to ensure that the product is defect free and the functionality is working as expected. So that the quality product can be delivered to end user or customer.So, Now let talk about Testing ServiceNow.

What is ServiceNow Testing?

ServiceNow is cloud based IT service management Platform. So, ServiceNow Testing is basically to perform testing on ServiceNow Applications to ensure that the product is defect free and functionalities are working as expected. 

There are lots of applications in ServiceNow Platform, such as ServiceNow ITSM application (Servicenow Incident Management, Problem Management, Change Management etc.), ServiceNow ITBM application (Project Portfolio Management etc.) and ServiceNow ITOM application (event management etc.)

Two types of testing can be performed in ServiceNow applications as mentioned below:

Manual Testing: 

Here the software testing professional test the functionality of an application with the perspective of end users mind set. 
In this type of testing manual intervention is required. Software testing professional creates test cases from the requirement and then run those test cases manually. Means he perform the required functionality and validate whether it is working as expected or not. 

So, to perform manual testing software tester does not require much technical knowledge.

Automation Testing: 

Here the software testing professional test the functionality of an application using automation tool. Automation tool can Selenium, QTP, Silk Test, RFT etc.

In automation testing, software professional should have technical knowledge because to perform automation testing and to write automated test scripts, a software tester must have knowledge of programming language. 
Mostly automation testing is used to perform regression testing.

What are the Prerequisites to perform testing on ServiceNow applications?

Let’s say you are a beginner or an experienced software testing professional. So Below are the prerequisites for ServiceNow testing:

  • If you are a beginner, then you should be at least aware of ServiceNow and if you are experienced then you should have knowledge of ServiceNow platform and some of the ServiceNow processes.
  • Should have at least basic understanding of ITIL and if you are ITIL certified then it will add advantage on your candidature.
  • Should have good understanding of the Testing concepts such as smoke testing, regression testing, integration testing, user acceptance testing, verification, severity, priority, validation, test plan and test case creation.
  • You should knowledge to at least one or more Bug tracking tools for e.g. Bugzilla, Jira, Issue Tracker etc.
  • If automation testing is required, then you must have knowledge of automation testing tool.

Does ServiceNow have any Test Framework?

ServiceNow Instance has Test Management and ServiceNow Automated Test Framework (ATF). Using these applications we can create and run automated test cases. When we upgrade or modify the ServiceNow instance then it very helpful. I will post a detailed separate article for the same. 
Please find the below screenshot of the ServiceNow Automated Test Framework.

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What is a career scope in ServiceNow Testing?

ServiceNow is rapidly growing and the salaries of ServiceNow professional are good than of other technology professionals. ServiceNow Testing has a good scope in future. Every company which is doing ServiceNow development or using ServiceNow have ServiceNow testing professionalsEven some of the customers hire ServiceNow professional to validate the deliverable.

Those who are experienced Software testing professional should try to work on ServiceNow projects as it is far better than of doing other applications testing.

I hope above article provide you basic understanding of ServiceNow testing and let you know about the prerequisites to become ServiceNow testing professionals. You can also find lots of ServiceNow tutorial or ServiceNow video tutorials here. Thank you, Good luck.

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