ITIL V4 Certification Details and Its Importance for Professionals

Article briefs about ITIL V4 Certification, Its benefits, details, cost, levels and how you can do preparation for this certification. This Article will provide you complete overview all concepts of ITIL Certifications and Levels.

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What is ITIL?

An IT Service Management (ITSM) is responsible for the development of the IT services driven by the knowledge of the current processes involved in the organization. 
ITIL acronym is Information Technology Infrastructure Library. IT is a Best Practice IT Service Management which is used by many organizations around the world and ITIL is a globally recognized framework that help businesses manage risks, strengthen customer relations, establish cost-effective practices and build stable IT environments for growth, scale and change.

What are benefits of ITIL V4 Certification and why it can be better for Career?

ITIL 4 is launched by Axelos. ITIL V4 Certification is primarily for those, who are working in IT Service Management domain. Basically, it helps you to understand all aspects of service management such as ITIL processes and will help them to figure out the reason behind that what they are doing and why it is used.

Some of the main benefits of doing ITIL certification are:

  • It actually boosts your resume credentials and increase probability that your resume will get shortlisted.
  • If you already in IT service domain then it helps in promotion and good appraisals.
  • If help you to get into new projects and probably helps to grab good opportunities.

As a ServiceNow professionals you know that ITIL best practices has been used in ServiceNow Incident Management, Problem Management, knowledge management etc. Means ITIL best practices has been applied in all ServiceNow ITSM applications and modules.

So, when ever you received email from any recruiter then, I believe almost in all email’s recruiter asked about ITIL foundation certification right. So, if some one has ITIL V4 certification then definitely it will help them in both professional and career growth.

Does, ITIL Certification reimbursement provided by Companies?

I have worked in multiple organization and found that almost all have companies have reimbursement policy for ITIL certifications. So, you can check your organization certification policies and can do the ITIL V4 certification and ask for reimbursement.

What are all levels of ITIL Certifications?

ITIL has three level of certifications as mentioned below:

Level 1: ITIL Foundation (i.e. ITIL V4 Certification Foundation)

Level 2: ITIL Managing Professional Transition

There are two streams mentioned below in the ITIL Managing Professional Transition. But Candidates must be ITIL Foundation certified, to continue these two streams. We talk about ITIL Managing Professional Transition level in detail in another article. Two streams are as mentioned below:

  1. ITIL Managing Professional
  2. ITIL Strategic Leader

Level 3: ITIL Master

Candidates must have course completion certificate for ITIL Managing Professional Transition MODULES to opt ITIL Master certification.

Note: One most important thing is that, those who are ITIL V3 certified cannot opt for Level 2 and Level 3 certifications because ITIL V4 is launched, so to opt Level 2 and Level 3 ITIL certification you must check the details in Axelos website.

How to prepare for ITIL V4 Certification?

There are lots of dumps available online for free, even there are several you tube channels from where you can get required content. Believe me, you can easily clear the ITIL V4 certification. Even there are lots of institute accredited training organizations with Axelos which provides certification and training content both.

What is the Approx. cost of ITIL v4 Certification cost?

The cost of ITIL V4 certification is not much as it got reimbursed by organization. If I talk about the cost in Indian currency so it will be between 15.5 K to 18K or in USD it would be 225 USD to 245 USD. 
Actually, it depends on training providing institute those were accredited with Axelos, Let’s say it you speak with two institute they must be having some variations on cost.

I believe above article provided you complete understanding of ITIL V4 Certification and the benefits you will get after the completion of ITIL certification. If you are ServiceNow professional and looking for ServiceNow Tutorials then you can definitely find all stuff such as ServiceNow Articles and ServiceNow Tutorial videos in this website, Thank you Good Luck.

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