ServiceNow Interview Questions for 1-3 Years of Experience

List of ServiceNow Interview Questions for Freshers or those who have 1-3 years of experience. Below questions will help you to prepare for ServiceNow interview and the list of questions are the mostly asked interview questions asked by interviewer.

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ServiceNow is one of the best profiles to get job. There are lots of ServiceNow openings for the ServiceNow professional who have 1-3 years of experience in ServiceNow. In this article I have shared ServiceNow Software Engineer Interview Questions or ServiceNow interview questions of 1-3 years of experience.

Most of the opening are from Big companies, some of the names are Deloitte, Cognizant, Accenture, Infosys, Fidelity, HCL, Capgemini, UHG, Fujitsu etc. There are lots of opportunity in ServiceNow globally.😃

There are lots of opportunity in ServiceNow, even lots of freshers are only looking jobs in ServiceNow profiles. I also have a you tube channel of ServiceNow tutorial and most of the friends from their, who doesn’t have experience in ServiceNow are learning ServiceNow concepts as they want to pursue their career in ServiceNow profile only. 

Below is list of servicenow interview questions for the ServiceNow professional who have (1-3) years of experience in ServiceNow development. This is shared to me by one of my you tube subscriber friend who gave the interview in Accenture. Thank you very much Abdulsamad for the same. I hope Below question will helps in cracking the ServiceNow interview. 😃

ServiceNow Interview Questions 1-3 Years of Experience:

  1. What is your current role and explain day to day activities
  2. How to Implement ServiceNow modules, can you please share steps
  3. Steps to upgrade ServiceNow instance to higher version
  4. How to retrieve duplicate records?
  5. How to delete duplicate records?
  6. How to populate data in multiple fields in client form?
  7. Explain Script includes code with example?
  8. Catalog life cycle?
  9. Workflow activities, explains any complex workflow?
  10. What is Scheduled jobs, explain with example?
  11. Business rules (explain after, before, display, async)
  12. Can we use previous parameter in (before, after, display and async). Justify and explain your answer?
  13. How do you upload multiple catalog items variables and variable sets
  14. Differentiate client scripts and server scripts in UI actions
  15. Explain client and server scripts,  Name few client scripts and server side API's
  16. How to copy work notes from parent incident to child incidents
  17. Explain any workflow which you worked
  18. Agile process
  19. Define SLA. How do you attach SLA's and in how many ways can SLA's be attached
  20. Integration steps of (REST)
  21. Difference between record producer and catalog item?

All the very best friends, I hope the above list of ServiceNow interview questions will help you to crack the ServiceNow interview.

I Request you to all, please share the ServiceNow interview question which has been asked from you because your sharing will be helpful for others to crack the interview. 

You can provide any ServiceNow interview question in below comments box with the company name where you have faced the interview or you can also email me same on

If you are looking for ServiceNow video tutorial then you click on below link:
ServiceNow Tutorials

I hope above shared ServiceNow interview questions will help you to clear the ServiceNow interview. If this post is helpful then please do share it with others.


Thankyou !!!!

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