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Hello friends, I hope you all are doing great and preparing for your future. Enhancing your skills and looking forward to forward in ServiceNow job profiles. Below I am sharing some interview questions on servicenow shared by ServiceNow Aspirants recently in February -March 2020. I have consolidated the servicenow interviews questions and presenting below. I believe all these questions are very important and mostly asked by interviewer in servicenow interview.

I am only posting a questions below and I know for some of the questions you must seek for the answer. I know that you will get all the answer when you start searching on google. The benefits of searching servicenow interview question answers is that you will get more understanding of servicenow concepts, Clarity on topics and doing self study is long lasting and you will never forget those concepts, which you search to study and many more benefits.

And most importantly moreover questions are from scripting. I know ratta-fication of servicenow scripting will never work, because scenario asked by interviewer could be any. I suggest you to practice the scripting part and understand why and how to implement the concept.

Interview Questions on ServiceNow :

1. Tell my about yourself and experience in ServiceNow.

2. Do you have experience in Service Portal, CMDB and Asset Management?

3. Apart from Catalog have you created or modified workflow for other applications ?

4. Have you used Workflow for change management?

5. What is Dictionary override? 

6. Have you used parallel activity in workflow?

7. Have you created section in a form,Please let me know how make it visible and invisible ?

8. Have you called workflow from another workflow?

9. Name the method used in business rule to trigger event for email notification. 

10. Have you used mid server in application ?

11. Have you worked on dynamic notifications?

12. Have you worked on Delegate Part ?

13. How good you are in Scripting Part?

14. What are all objects used in Client Script ?

15. What is glide ajax ? Please tell me syntax and parameters ?

16. What is script include, how to call script include from client side, please tell me code of the same ?

17. What can we do in UI policy ? If we do not use UI policy that what concept of servicenow we use to perform same activity, tell me the code of the same ?

18. Let's say I have to load the 100 records of data from excel into servicenow, when i loaded then only 80 inserted and 20 not. But this time i want to load the same data again through scripting, but this time existing uploaded data will only need to be updated and rest 20 will get inserted. How to do that ?  (Transform Map)

19. What is coalesce and how many coalesce field can be created maximum in a transform map? 

20. Can you restrict the visibility of record apart from ACL ?

21. Let suppose one scenario, I have created one update set (abc) on dev instance marked in complete and moved it to UAT instance. But again I went to dev instance and marked that update set as in progress and perform some activity under that update set and then again mark the update set complete. Now if i again move the update set on UAT instance, will that work or not ?

22. Do you have experience in Integration?

23. Tell me the methods used in Rest API  ?

24. Diff between PUT and PATCH ?

25. What are error codes in integration?

Request from you all 🙏🙏: You can post the answers of the questions you know in the comment box below, which will help others. Sharing is Preparing 🙌

Above questions which were asked by ServiceNow aspirants are from Wipro, Mpahsis.......  Believe me if you prepare the above interview questions on servicenow, you will definitely crack the interview. No one can stop you.

Thankyou Very Much Venky and A.M for sharing such a valuable interview questions on servicenow, which will definitely help other ServiceNow friends.

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I have already posted some more servicenow interview questions earlier, you can also refer the same for interview. I am sharing the link below of the same:

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I hope above interview questions on servicenow and above suggested Udemy's Courses link will help you to crack the servicenow interview and it will also help you learn servicenow  and JavaScript concepts. You can refer our free online servicenow training youtube channel (Basico ServiceNow Learning) for the same. At the end I will only say Stay Focused, Stay Motivated and Stay Healthy. Thank you !!!! 

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