Whenever we do search for anything we always search for best. Same as we talk about our carrier than we always want the best happen to us. So same as in ServiceNow if we talk about ServiceNow online training, then off course you are looking for the best ServiceNow online training available.

But, do you think that searching on google will help you. Off course you will find the multiple names of institutes, phone numbers of trainers, lots of various feedback given by people and many more attractive offers etc. But do you think that through all these you will land on the right place and you will get what you want. I think it is too early to say, yes. Real scenario's and experiences are different. We will talk about all this in detail here.
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So, lets talk below about, various aspects from where you can get the ServiceNow Online Training and ServiceNow Knowledge and at the last I would suggest how you can start your journey to learn ServiceNow and get jobs and to become ServiceNow professional.

So, Let’s talk about of various modes to get knowledge in ServiceNow and let’s think are they really effective to help you to get jobs in ServiceNow:

ServiceNow Online Training (One on One direct from Trainer)

So, let’s talk about one on one training session from ServiceNow trainer. One on One training session is what where you ask trainer to individually gives you classes or training in ServiceNow. There are lots of trainer available and some are really excellent. But the training period is of One month or two months.

Let consider a scenario where you heard about ServiceNow, you search for the best ServiceNow trainer and you have started you journey to learn ServiceNow. Then what happens, ServiceNow Trainer shared some ServiceNow syllabus with you and one by one he will complete the all the topics of ServiceNow syllabus and the time period got over. 

Now, you are ready for Interview and you will get the Job. It looks very attractive right. But, believe me now you will face some real scenario’s and when interviewer ask you questions and then you will realize that there are lots of thing that you should be aware of, there are lots of thing that you must have asked your trainer, there are lots of topic which need more practical understanding and there are lots of practical scenarios understanding is still required. And again, you will start to search something that will help you get all those missing things. 
I am sharing this because I have a feedback from lots of ServiceNow aspirants, who have already faced this. Now Let move to another way to Learn ServiceNow.

From any Institute (ServiceNow Classroom Training): 

Let’s say you have enrolled yourself for ServiceNow Classroom training. There are lots of good ServiceNow online training institute available but same as above, after the completion of training you will face the same thing or same real scenario’s which I have mentioned above. Because there are lots of topics, lots of applications and modules and lots of different types of ServiceNow job profiles available in ServiceNow.

So, it is very much necessary that before you go with some Classroom training or individual trainer, you first think that what all ServiceNow profiles there are, which ServiceNow profile you are looking for and what will be the pre-requisites for that, what would be interview criteria and what interviewer are looking for, what all you need to cover while doing training and most importantly you will feel satisfied that you learnt what you want. 

Now, you are thinking of that I have discussed lots of cons above, then what can be the possible way to Learn ServiceNow and get job in this profile. So below I have mentioned that what could be the better way to proceed.


So Before Start ServiceNow Online Training or ServiceNow Classroom training or Individual classes you should first focus on few things. What all pre-requisites for different ServiceNow profiles, what kind of experience required for the same, what all you need to learn, what will be the time frame you will be giving for the same and what kind of question will be asked during interview as per experience level.

Let’s say for ServiceNow developer, knowledge of ServiceNow Concepts, JavaScript, HTML and CSS is required and for ServiceNow administrator you should know that what Administrator do such as assigning roles, creating user, technical support, SLA’s, creating groups, access etc. and for ServiceNow process consultant or Business analyst you should be aware of the that specific ServiceNow application process you want to opt, such as HR, incident management, change management, problem management, knowledge management, demand management etc. 

Now, How to Start Learn ServiceNow:

I believe that you must give first 15-30 day to learn ServiceNow by your own, yes Self Learning. First find ServiceNow course syllabus online and then start. Lots of Free ServiceNow knowledge material available online such as Blogs, ServiceNow Community, ServiceNow Learn, you tube channels etc. You select topic one by one from the syllabus and search them in you tube, ServiceNow community, published blogs and article and go through them. 

Believe me you will definitely find the basic idea of the same. Find some ServiceNow interview questions online and prepare for them.

Once the above is done and you feel little comfortable with ServiceNow topics and concepts. You can start giving interviews and from there you will find that where you stand what all you need to learn and how you have to prepare the same. I think now you got what I want to say, right. I have seen some of the ServiceNow aspirant had cleared the interview by self-learning only.

If you still feel some more knowledge is required, you can go for Udemy’s courses. I will be sharing link below. They are of very nominal charges such as (only 390 Rs, 420 Rs etc). When you go these courses, it will definitely increase your confidence and will help you to clear the interview. Some of the selected good Udemy’s ServiceNow training courses I am sharing below:

1. The Complete ServiceNow System Administrator Course (ServiceNow Administrator Training)

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2. The Complete ServiceNow Developer Course (ServiceNow Developer Training)

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3. ServiceNow ITSM Processes Training

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4. JavaScript For Beginners - Learn JavaScript From Scratch

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All the above course will definitely help you to start with ServiceNow and to understand the concepts.

But Still if, you think that you need a guidance of someone and you can spend thousands for the same, you can opt ServiceNow online training options such as Classroom Training or Individual trainer. But here this time, you know that what you have to study, what doubts you have to make clear, what all main topics you have to focus and most importantly what all practical scenarios you have to execute or to do practice of.

We also do have ServiceNow you tube channel Basico ServiceNow Learning and available ServiceNow Study Material available on this website, you can refer the same for self-study and we believe it will definitely help you. We wish you all the very best for your journey to learn ServiceNow and whatever information we have shared above, shared on the basis of our experiences and we hope it will be fruitful. If you think that there is any other way for Fruitful ServiceNow online training then please do share with us by commenting it below. And if this article seems helpful for you then please do share it with other ServiceNow aspirants. Thankyou, Happy Learning, Basico ServiceNow Learning.


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