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This  is in the continuation of ServiceNow Certified System Administrator Preparation Dump Part 2. Study material posted below is not official from ServiceNow, actually these all questions have been collected from those who prepared for the same exam. If you also have questions for the same certification then please feel free to share with us. We believe shared question will help you in ServiceNow CSA exam preparation.

ServiceNow CSA Preparation Dump Q&A Part 3 (69-100):

69. Which is not Related to UI Action?
  1. Form Button
  2. Form Link
  3. Search
  4. List Link
Answer: Search

70. What application is available to all users?
  1. Change
  2. Incident
  3. Facilities
  4. Self-Service
Answer: Self-Service

71. After high security plugin is activated, a ‘security_admin’ privilege is  created.  What is an elevated privilege?
  1. Elevated privilege is used to promote extension tables
  2. Used to enable the ITIL role to have an Admin type access
  3. A role that has special permissions for the duration of the log in session
  4. Users with the Admin role
Answer: A role that has special permissions for the duration of the log in session

72. In an SLA definition, which one of the following is a condition that will trigger an SLA?
  1. Begin  Condition,  Stop  Condition,  and  Pause  Condition
  2. Start  Condition,  Stop  Condition and  Reset  Condition
  3. Start Condition, End Condition and Pause Condition
  4. Start Condition, Stop Condition and Pause Condition
Answer: Start  Condition,  Stop  Condition and  Reset  Condition
73. Multiple Choice, Single Line Texts and Select Box are what type of elements in Service Now?
  1. Order  Guides
  2. Request  Types
  3. Variable  Types
  4. Related  Lists
Answer: Variable Types

74. By default in ServiceNow, (Select Multiple)                         
  1. Changes made to data
  2. Changes made to a form
  3. Changes made to a schedule
  4. Changes made to a homepage
Answer: Changes made to a form; changes made to a homepage

75. What is a Transform Map in ServiceNow?
  1. A map that is used to store the history of the incident records
  2. A map used to add data to encrypted fields
  3. A map used to trigger Business rules before the data is queued in the outbound Web Service
  4. A map to determine relationships between fields displaying an import set to fields in an existing table
Answer: A map to determine relationships between fields displaying an import set to fields in an existing table

76. How are users related to roles or groups?
  1. 1 to many relationships
  2. Many to 1 relationship
  3. 1 to 1 relationship
  4. Many to many relationship
Answer: 1 To many relationship
77. Which table stores roles?
  1. user_role
  2. sys_user_role
  3. imp_user
  4. sys_role
Answer: sys_user_role

78. Assign Role, Manager, Incidents, Problems and Change? (Select Multiple)
  1. ITIL/Fulfiller
  2. System Administrator
  3. Approver
  4. ESS User/End User
Answer: ITIL/Fulfiller, System Administrator

79. Out of the below listed applications, which will not run natively on smartphones?
  1. Workflow
  2. User Administration
  3. Self-Service
  4. Service Catalogue
Answer:  User Administration

80. What are the steps in SLA?
  1. Start, Pause, Stop
  2. Start, Hold, Stop
  3. Start, Pause, Stop, End
  4. Start, Hold, Stop, End
Answer: Start, Pause, Stop, End

81. Gauge is added to:
  1. User Profile
  2. Change Request                                                                                                          
  3. Home Page
  4. Favorites
Answer: Home Page

82. Which of the following is not a valid field type (for Incident Table)?
  1. Currency
  2. Long String
  3. Suggestion
Answer: Long String

83. Catalog Variables can be arranged on a catalog item by setting the appropriate value of field ‘Order’
  1. True
  2. False
Answer: True

84. If prefix of incident needs to be changed, where can one refer?
  1. System Definition->Number Maintenance
  2. Right click on Incident Number->Personalize Dictionary
  3. Both A. & B.
  4. None
Answer: System Definition->Number Maintenance

85. The order field in Service Catalog displays the catalog item in the ascending order of this value.
  1. True
  2. False
Answer: True

ServiceNow Certified System Administrator Exam Preparation, Preparation of ServiceNow Certified System Administrator Exam

86. In which of the following requirements we cannot ‘Scheduled Jobs’?
  1. To update the old records
  2. To check the conditions every day at specific time
  3. For form validation at client side every day
  4. To send an email notification on demand of user wish
Answer: For form validation at client side every day

87. What is an SSO?
  1. Sign-On Single
  2. Single Sign-On
  3. Sign Single-On
  4. None of the Above
Answer: Single Sign-On

88. If several update sets have modified the same object, like a form, which change will be the one moved to the new, merged update set?
Answer: The most recent one

89. What are exempt in upgrades?
Answer: Customizations

90. UI Policies run on which side?
Answer: Client Side

91. A UI action with an order number of 110 will display after a UI action with an order number of 120?
  1. True
  2. False
Answer: False

92. What are the Workflow States?
Answers: Checkout, Published

93. How are events triggered?
Answer: Event are triggered through user actions, scripts, business rules and workflows.

94. A table that is not extending another table but is itself extended is called what? 
Answer: Base Table

95. If user personalize the list, then who does it affect?
Answer: It will only affect the user who personalized it.

96. What is displayed in left side filter navigator?
Answer: Applications and Modules

97. When submit button appears on the form?
Answer: New Record
98. What are the main areas of User interface?
Answer: App Navigator, Banner, Content Frame.

99. What is recorded in the activity stream?
Answer: Record history/ updates of users.

100. What are key cmdb tables?
Answer: Cmdb_ci, cmdb_rel_ci

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