ServiceNow CSA Exam Preparation Dump Part- 4 | Q&A (101-130)

This  is in the continuation of ServiceNow Certified System Administrator Preparation Dump Part 3.Study material posted below is not official from ServiceNow, actually these all questions have been collected from those who prepared for the same exam and we believe this will help you clear the ServiceNow CSA exam. If you also have questions for the same certification then please feel free to share with us.

ServiceNow CSA Preparation Dump Q&A Part-4 (101-130):

101. Name of the string that displays the filter criteria.
Answer: Breadcrumbs.

102. What role is used for adding or removing fields from the list?
Answer: Personalize_list.

103. Incident number is already prefixed with INCT. Can it be changed to INC using which option below?
Answer: Number maintenance.

104. What happens when a match is found using the coalesce field?
Answer: The existing record will be updated with the information being imported

105. What are the two most commonly used core tables?           
Answer: Task [task] and Configuration item [cmdb_ci]

106. If several update sets have modified the same object, like a form, which change will be the one moved to the new, merged update set?
Answer: The most recent one

107. Which is true about ACL?
Answer: ACL rule should pass column level and Should pass row level

108. What is the table ACL rule execution order?
Answer: table name, parent table name, match any table name (wild card)

109. Where can we write ACL?
Answer: Column, Row, Table

110. Which is correct way of migrating updates sets?
Answer: Check update set is completed, Retrieve, Preview, Commit.

111. What search Engine ServiceNow using
Answer: Zing
112. Can roles contain other roles?
Answer: Yes, a role may contain other roles and any access granted to one role is automatically granted to any role that contains it.

113. What data records are captured in an update set?
Answer: Data is not captured in an update set.

114. To generate task-based records through service request which is the correct option below?
Answer: Record producer.

115. What is the purpose of mapping assist?
Answer: Mapping done at field level

116. What are the main areas of User interface?
Answer: App Navigator, Banner, Content Frame

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117. Is sla applicable only for task tables?  
Answer: Yes

118. Steps for loading data through transform map
Answer: Load data -> Create transform map -> Run transform

119. How do you create CI relationships? 
Answer: Using CI Relationship Editor

120. What are some authentication methods? 
Answer: Local database, LDAP, Multifactor, SAML 2.0, OAuth 2.0, Digest Token, SSO

121. What are the major components of the Service Catalog?
Answer: Items, Record Producers, Variables, Variable Sets, Workflows

122. What three ways can ACL’s be defined?
Answer: Roles, conditional expressions, and scripts

123. When should you coalesce fields on an import? 
Answer: Before data transform

124. What is an SLA? 
Answer: A record which defines a set amount of time for a task to reach a certain condition.

125. What are metrics used for? 
Answer: Used to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of IT service management processes)

126. What kinds of fields are typically on a form? 
Answer: String, choice, true/false, reference

127. What categories are in the Settings Menu? 
Answer: General, Theme, Notifications, Lists, Forms and Developer

128. Variables are global by default?
Answer: False
129. What are the four knowledge workflows available in the ServiceNow base instance?
  1. Instant Publish: Immediately publishes a draft article without requiring an approval
  2. Instant Retire: Immediately retires a published article without requiring an approval
  3. Approval publish: Request approval from a manager of the knowledge base before moving the article it the publish state
  4. Retire Knowledge: Moves a knowledge article to the retired state.
Answer: Approval publish: Request approval from a manager of the knowledge base before moving the

130. What is a characteristic of importing data into ServiceNow?
  1. An existing Transform Map can be used one time on the same import set
  2. An existing Transform Map can be used multiple times on the same import set
  3. Coalesce fields are used only after running Transform
  4. Any user can manage and set up import sets
Answer: An existing Transform Map can be used multiple times on the same import set

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